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Scholarship Preparation

KM Education provide tailored material to make students familiar with type of questions to get prepared for scholarship exams. The format of the test depends on the company who is providing test paper for particular school. We are training students as per the test format. During scholarship test, along good problem solving skills it is necessary to finish a given task in a desired time frame.

How KM edu help your kid:

Intensive coaching of maths, English, language analysis, verbal and numerical reasoning. Provide brief idea of selective entrance exam: how to get prepared for it, about time management during the examinations, and prepare kid with trial exams to make them more confident. We provide tailored made study material, we prepare material for each student separately as students requirement. The format of the test depends mainly on the company that has been preparing test papers onbehalf of the school. The main companies writing entrance exams are ACER (Australian Council of Educational Research), ITSA (Independent Testing Service of Australia) and Edutest™. Some schools decide to write their own or to appoint consultants to set test papers on their behalf. It is therefore important to understand which company is preparing the exam for your selected school.